Some would call SMS marketing the most effective marketing channel ever invented. They wouldn’t be wrong either. With a bone-crushing 98% open rate, if text messaging were an Olympic athlete, it would win all the medals in every sport, even figure skating.

Simple, Do-It-Yourself Action

  • Running a text messaging campaign isn’t rocket science. It’s actually the complete opposite of rocket science. It’s as simple as you typing your message and hitting the big SEND button. Congrats, you are a mobile marketing expert already.

Crazy High Open Rates

  • With mobile marketing, you can expect to see a 98% open rate for your messages. To put that in context, email marketing only has an open rate of 22%. Want your customers to see your message? The answer is crystal clear: Go mobile.

Want Value, You Get Value

  • With a 98% open rate for text messages, there couldn’t be a more efficient use of your marketing dollars. And when we say dollars, we actually mean cents. It’s really that affordable.

There Isn’t Anything Faster

  • Text messages are quick, only taking a few seconds to hit thousands of phones at the same time. Once it’s arrived, the average time to open is 4 minutes. That’s scary fast!

Everyone Has a Mobile Phone

  • Maybe not everyone, but it’s getting very close. In the United States, 91% of people have a mobile phone; that’s a lot of mobile phones!

Texting is Hot Right Now

  • How hot you ask? 72% of all mobile phone users regularly send and receive text messages. According to the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), in 2009, Americans went crazy for text messaging, sending more text messages than actual phone calls.

Reach Your Customers on Their Terms

  • Did you know that 82% of all Americans never leave home without their mobile phone? Did you know that half of all Americans sleep with their mobile phone? If you want to reach your customers where they are, mobile is the only solution.

Everyone is Doing It!

  • Who isn’t utilizing text messaging nowadays? You have Obama reaching over 10 million subscribers during his campaign, to American Idol receiving more votes via text message than Obama received to win the presidential election. Join the text messaging movement today.

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